Part 1b Mistletoe Management on fruit trees in Gardens

The Mistletoe League Project aims to collect information about mistletoe on fruit (especially apple) trees in the UK and Ireland. The project began in late 2011 and will run over at least two winters (the best time for documenting mistletoe) so it will be active until at least spring 2013.

This is Part 1b, which is aimed at gardeners with mistletoe on fruit trees.

[Parts 1a and 1b gather information on how mistletoe is treated on fruit trees - is it welcomed or seen as a nuisance? Is it managed or left untouched? Is it cropped commercially at all?  Part 2 gathers information on which fruit varieties seem most or least susceptible to mistletoe.  Part 3 collects general information on mistletoe sightings on other host trees (not necessarily fruit trees - limes, poplars, hawthorns and many other trees are also good hosts)]

For an index to all the survey parts visit the survey index page, and for general information on the Mistletoe League Project visit

This is Part 1b, which is aimed at gardeners and garden managers with mistletoe on fruit trees.

For orchard owners with mistletoe there is a separate study (Part 1a) that you can access from the index page.

For mistletoe on other host trees (not fruit trees) go to Part 3: General Mistletoe Observations, via the index page.

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